Cashless City – Your life controlled by the Banks 
Cork – Cashes Out or Maybe Not”

So they want a Cashless City in Cork but they never asked people outside the businesses community in the City if they wanted it. They just went ahead and did it, gave Cork a, Purple Flag and in association with that want to introduce Cashless Trading regardless of the consequences it may have on people lives living or visiting the City.  A new forum has been launched in Cork called Cork City Centre Forum.

The Chair Person is Gillian Keating, with representatives from the business community and Cork City Council CEO, Ann Doherty, and the Cork Cashes Out scheme,  supported by the major banks.

Now there is a Red Flag straight away, not a Purple Flag, supported by the banks to take control of your finances.

For some reason they think that because they represent some businesses in Cork they have the right to take away the civil rights of people to trade with legal currency.


So what would Cashless mean to you?


It could mean that your Credit Card or Debit Card

Controlled by the Banks

Could be stopped and you would have no way of buying anything.


How scary is that?


If your life becomes cashless, the banks would have total control of your life and not alone your life but your whole family’s life or dependents, it wouldn’t matter who you were. You could literally starve and have no way of accessing money to buy anything. With a few clicks of a computer you could literally become destitute. This is no exaggeration.

If you live in or visited Cashless Cork and wanted to go out in the City and for some reason your card did not work you would have to go home as there would be no currency changing hands. It would be completely cashless. You could be visiting from another country, so what can you do then? This is completely off the wall. It is an attempt by big corporate business to work with banks to take over your life.

The Banks would have total control of your life, are you looking forward to that? This is only the first step to all European and countries worldwide having to do the same.  Do you think we as people should hand over our lives to the banks? Involved in years of corruption and nearly destroying our country financially.

This is one of the most irresponsible things that have ever been done in this City without proper consultation with the people living in the city and legal advice is now being sought on the matter. The people involved in this forum in public positions should seriously consider resigning for their involvement is this outrageous attempt to destroy people’s civil rights. They are stating it is voluntary, but how could it be voluntary if they introduce it regardless.  This forum has over stepped its mark and we believe could well have committed an unlawful act, by trying to take away our rights to trade with our legal currency and handing our civil rights over to the Banks.  The people have had no say, it is our country. It does not belong to a few bossiness owners or the banks.