This is a letter being sent to shops in Ireland who we believe are misrepresenting

Ireland’s Brands – Even Our National Flag  By: Replication in China – Falsification of our Country



Do you recall when you started your proud Irish business selling Irish products and brands? When tourists would walk into your shop or shops and buy a real Irish made product. How proud you were to represent all these Irish brands. But somewhere along the way, you began to notice small Irish businesses being forced to close down with the unfair competition from the cheap crap replicating from China arriving into your shops through your ruthless greedy suppliers.  Did you just become ruthless too with the possibility of huge profit margins on the non taxed products from China, no consideration for small Irish businesses trying to trade in Ireland under 23% VAT.? These small Irish businesses, that would not be earning enough to be registered for VAT but still have to pay VAT on all products, machinery, software, rent, phone, diesel/petrol and so on. Rate payments, eight years to claim back on depreciation of machinery, like computers that would probably last about three years and have to be replaced. This cruel regime imposed by consecutive Governments? As we now know, to allow the Chinese to take over all our manufacturing businesses by our politicians and to wipe out all our small craft and indigenous business, to make it impossible for them to compete with the cheap Chinese replicas.

But now only a few years later your shops have been basically turned into a Chinese Supermarket, demeaning and insulting the name of our country, our country’s Emblems and Trademarks, even our National Flag. Is it legal? We believe shops selling these products are breaking the common laws of our country; it is pure discrimination against real Irish brands and products and misrepresentation. Have you and most shop owners in Ireland turned into a Chinese robot with Irish Passports selling Chinese products with Irish brand names to Irish people and unsuspecting tourists, falsely portraying them as Irish products.

This is pure ruthless trading with no regard for our country or culture, small local Irish suppliers who have become just a nuisance to your big corporate business model now. Are you proud now when you see tourists buying what they believe to be Irish products, when in fact they are merely cheap Chinese replicas of what was once a real proud Irish brand? Do you feel any shame? Does it bother you at all; is it just all about money? These products may well have Irish name brands but these products are for the most part produced in China. Some of these products have even the name of our country,Ireland”, on them. Who do you think gave you the right to use our country’s name on a product you are selling, made in China; you do not have that right, in our opinion. Does it bother you that small Irish business trying to trade here are blocked out of shopping centres, airports, heritage centres and so on,  because you are trading in there selling pretend Irish product (Chinese products) and they can’t get units because they are selling similar products to yours.

But there are not similar, the difference is they have made the local product while your shelves are packed with so called Irish products most of which are not produced in Ireland but made in China. Not alone that but the fact that you are selling these Chinese products also means that the other shops in these centres can’t sell similar Irish products either. The centre owners won’t allow it. This is totally anti competitive and it breaches the law of fair trade. To block out a business or stop a business selling whatever products they wish to trade in any centre in Ireland, is discriminatory and we believe illegal. Competition: means – You either have competition or you haven’t. There is nothing in between.

Due to the enforcement of this forced non competition over the past years in Ireland, these days the only place we see small Irish businesses is in tents in markets stalls outside shopping centres as basically representatives of Chinese companies under different names are trading inside, keeping out all our small Irish businesses. It is a complete wipe out of Irish businesses. Promoted and endorsed by what we believe are Corrupt Politicians and Funding Boards in Ireland and you have become a part of this also. It is devastating for Irish businesses to try and trade in this now shameful non competitive environment. It is complete corporate, financial terrorism. We just want to know are you a proud Irish shop owner now. Do you think we should stay in Europe and continue this charade? Why do you think Politicians in Ireland should allow this falsification of Ireland to go on? Even products received from Foras Na Gaeilge, were made in China, how insulting is that?      Guaranteed Irish – Only 50% of the product needs to be Irish.          Unbelievable.

Should, politicians, shops and businesses involved in this falsification be prosecuted, we believe they should.

Corruption, Ego, Power, Money, Greed, or have we just lost control? Why do you think its ok? We are gearing up to run up to 100 candidates in the next election. We have to change this corrupt political structure or we will have no country left. Do you realise that you are in fact helping to destroy our culture, not promote it, by this big lie to Irish people and our tourists. It is very insulting to Irish people and our state to see this going on here; do you think we are blind? Having a shop in Ireland and having it full of Chinese products does not represent Ireland. You might want to ask yourself, are you now just a Chinese shop with an Irish name?

A small country like Ireland should have ensured that by opening our doors to trade with countries like China that we did not bring our countries manufacturing to a standstill. This is exactly what has happened. It is non productive and not a fair trading playing field, it is anti-competitive. This is the complete opposite to fair competition in the market place. You can’t have a huge country producing inferior products to sell in a market like ours where our high brand quality, is being replaced by cheap replications.  But they are not sold as such; this is hidden to unsuspecting buyers.

Poor quality greeting cards and post cards and promotional products were some of the first products being printed by the trillions in China for years repeated with the same old images completely non representative of our country today, everything else has followed. All Irish businesses are being forced to buy products from China now. Even businesses that want to trade here as Irish businesses have to buy the machines, computers and the packaging from China; practically all our manufacturing is gone now.  This is devastating to our economy, no longer belonging to the Irish people. It is getting worse by the day; we are being wiped out as a nation. We are now basically all Chinese’s shoppers, we can’t find Irish products to buy in our own country. President Trump is now addressing this in America, Irexiteu Group is addressing it here.

We spoke to American and English tourists and they complain as they travel Ireland they can’t hear any Irish music being played in shops, shopping centres, radio stations, hotels, B&B, banks, garages, gyms, and so on. They are completely shocked, they come here to experience our music and culture and all that is being broadcast is the music they have at home American and English. Considering that our music is so popular that,  Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann 2016 in Ennis was an outstanding success, drawing almost 400,000 visitors to the town. Most Irish songs being broadcast now are nearly forty years old because we have been silenced on radio stations since the introduction of Commercial Radio in 1988. Even our own so called National Radio Station has a tiny proportion of Irish Bands being broadcast. But if you don’t pay a TV licence you could end up in Jail for not supporting all the, non Irish music and non Irish programs. This is so insulting, the tourists can’t believe it, they are shocked. It is absolute discrimination, unbelievable in fact that elected politicians earning between €1000 and €5000 a week plus expenses would allow this to go on.

Irish musicians have got together as a collective now and asking tourists to write on websites such as Trip Advisor to reflect this in ratings to hotels, B&B’ and shops and so on that choose this discriminatory practice against our music and culture. Our tourists can’t hear practically any Irish music in our Country, it is absolutely shameful. This will certainly tell the world about the discrimination and the corruption, of those responsible. No other country on the planet would put up with it. We have to stop this now, it is totally unacceptable. We believe legal action is a course we can pursue against the politicians that were elected to represent and protect our country but have broken their oath and contract with the Irish people. Elected political representatives cannot allow the wiping out of our country and its culture nor can you; we cannot allow shops to trade in this discriminatory way or misrepresent our country. We believe our country is protected under common law and our constitution. This has been brought to the attention of the fraud squad in conjunction with non payment of royalties.

Have we as a brilliant nation of people let the brainwashing of all this European bull and foreign trade agreements destroy our country? We have years of history and we now find ourselves being completely undermined and insulted. It is shocking to be Irish living in this country now in 2017 and see the legacy of corruption and unfair non competitive trading that has evolved and misrepresentation of our country’s name and emblems. You would have to ask yourself are people Irish anymore, has being in Europe stolen our identity as a nation of people?  Free trade, for the Chinese. Watch this space.

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