As part of our investigation into corruption in Ireland since we joined Europe we have put together a group of people to research the separate issues pertaining to this very serious matter now affecting our country. I can assure you it will not be another government so called commission of inquiry, costing millions.

We now call these commissions of inquiry:

 No action ever taken 

Commissions of Inquiry

When the costly lengthy  inquiries are complete they are then listed into the archives so politicians may refer to them now and then. Naively giving the impression that the Irish people would think they made some effort to get to the truth. We as a nation of people know differently now watching this same shameful and disrespectful procedure go on for years.

One commission and tribunal report after another and no one held responsible for any wrong doing. . It is the same old story over and over again. Inquiry after inquiry, a couple of slaps on the wrist, no one ends up in jail. None of the suggestion ever acted upon.

Instead of sorting out the corruption the reports themselves have just become another part of the corruption.


The Garda Commission of Inquiry

  • The Shameful Garda Force misleading the nation and they supposed to be our protectors from fraud and corruption, our law enforcement. How could we ever trust them again? 
  • It must be shocking for young Gardai joining the force over the past years with great intentions of doing an honest and truthful job, to then find themselves landed into what looks like one of the most corrupt police forces on the planet. They are now being tarred with the same brush as those that are corrupt.

To watch this commission of inquiry and the person being investigated sitting at the head of whole thing. It is just appalling, a true indication of how corrupt this government has become and how they think Irish People will just sit back and accept it. Well this time it is not going to happen.

It is the first time in our state’s history when we actually have no opposition in Government. All just yes men and women now, showing up, going through the motions, and taking massive wages and pensions. It was the first time ever when political parties could have got into power to rule our country having being trusted and elected by Irish voters. Instead they chose to sit on the backbenches. The consequences of which has us now in a position of being ruled by a Government that most of the voting population did not want in power.

It is a position of non representative political parties sitting on the back benches, going through the motions and getting paid regardless.

Most of the corruption that is now in our country has manifested itself through Europe through trade and banking financial deals, forced upon us here in Ireland by the collaborating Euro Politicians and X Irish politicians now with the big Euro salary jobs in the Euro Parliment.

Enda Kenny is now getting ready to take his place with this Euro Elite group having been responsible for selling off most of the resources of our country for them.  

Politicians in Ireland seem to be so consumed in the corruption now, it seems to be just a normal part of their lives. They don’t seem to think it is a big deal anymore, just normal day to day routine at work, just another day at the office.

Well it is far from normal for the Irish population, shameful in fact. The world is watching, every news bulletin now broadcasting is on global media, not just in Ireland. This corruption is reflecting us as a nation of corrupt people. What does this cost us in Global respect and reputation as a nation?

As our investigations continue we will publish articles for each issue of investigation we carry out.

The Big Sell Off