All retail has been removed from their offices countrywide, local  post cards, greeting cards,  local music CD’s, historical books, folklore, thus denying tourist access to these local Irish products. This is culturally devastating and would not be tolerated in any other country.


Failte Ireland have now re mapped Ireland to a 5000 year old map removing the North and South, they have seemingly become a law all onto themselves. ______________________________

Our fathers, grandfathers, their sons, daughters, cousins, all went out to get freedom for us. Are we to now dishonor them? By standing back and watching our beautiful country being destroyed and engulfed, by the corporate greed of the Euro Elite and their collaborating politicians in Ireland.

They now grant us an Irish culture day, one day a year, but before Europe arrived we had Irish culture day 365 days a year.

Our forefathers were brave men and women. It is our responsibility, like those before us, not to allow the Euro Bullies to treat us in this unacceptable manne

Failte Ireland