Since we joined Europe we are hearing constantly about all this funding that

is supposed to be given to Ireland.

But the big question is

Who receives the funding?

The local enterprise boards were set up according to their websites to promote companies involved in manufacturing. But after over thirty years nearly all manufacturing is now done in China. So most of this funding money that we were led to believe was promoting the Irish manufacturing business sector is actually gone to promote Chinese businesses and employment.

Your chances of buying anything made in Ireland now is growing less and less by the day.

So the enterprise boards have been a total and utter failure supporting Irish manufacturing businesses. Were the LEO’s  actually set up to support Irish businesses at all? Were we only led to believe that was the case.

Who is looking at your funding application? Is your data being scrutinized by other companies, financial agencies or politician. Have your ideas been stolen and utilised by these companies or politicians sitting on these funding assessment boards? When you submit one of these funding applications it has to be accompanied by no less than a business plan with three to five years projections and your accounts for the previous years of trading.

This is very critical and sensitive private data to your business. No one from any other company other than your accountant or book keeper should have access to this information. But for years startup businesses with great ideas have been forced to provide this private sensitive information to funding boards who have appointed assessment boards of people from prominent, mostly financial companies, government agencies, politicians or banks, allowing them to see funding applications.

Here is  Cork City – LEO 2017

Grant Evaluation and Approval Committee (list received in 2017)


  1. Ann Doherty – Chief Executive – Cork City Council

  2. Mr Michael Nolan – Partner – Grant Thorton

  3. Eoin Gunn – Senior Relationship Manager – AIB Bank

  4. Tim Healy – Financial Accountant

  5. Nora Cronin – Director – Cronins Coaches

  6. Valerie Cowman – Cork Education & Training board

  7. Martin Corkery – Regional Director – Enterprise Ireland


So if you submitted a funding application in Cork all these people representing government bodies,  private financial companies and one bank had access to your private business information. This would be a  similar layout of these Evaluation and Approval Committees for each county around the country.

This practice is a blatant breach of data showing your business information to another company or public representative or public body. It could have devastating consequences for your business and in fact your information could be passed on to their customers. These companies should never be allowed access to any other companies private accounts data, this is a breach of private business data and we believe, completely illegal.

We have decided to start an investigation into these funding bodies to find out what has really happened to all the money since they were set up. The LEO offices have now been integrated with Enterprise Ireland and the local corporations. This is presumably a further attempt to wipe out local industries to bypass any local involvement. To encourage any local companies trading in Ireland to get their products made in China and send the funding indirectly to support the Chinese economy and not the Irish economy. Probably to speed matters up for the Chinese manufactures and not bother with the red tape at local level here in Ireland.

Why is Enterprise Ireland involved
at level 1 of small local startup businesses?

It is a totally different level of business structure
level 2 for over ten employees when it comes to funding
it mainly deals with business trading internationally.

We are going to include the Art’s Council funding in our investigations as well as there seems to be many discrepancies of funding over the past years as well. Why are certain people being refused constantly and others getting the funding over and over again, there is no accountability or no satisfactory explanation?

This whole area of funding seems to be just a complete con job by the Irish Government, we have been conned for years. This local enterprise money for the most part has gone to support the Chinese economy and not our economy. The whole funding structure in Ireland seems to be a twisted, illegal process of exposing and breaching vulnerable SME’s  business data, to actually support another countries economy.

Did politicians or their families or political party members benefit from the funding?

It is now more than likely there will be personal and corporate legal actions brought for data breaches and possibly other misuses of the data against the enterprise board representatives, Ministers, public body representative, other assessment board members, politicians, who have been part of this practice over the past years by the businesses who have been subjected to this process. We are aware that individual businesses are in fact already in the process of preparing legal action as this article is being written.

As some of the data we uncovered may be of a sensitive nature to businesses and could have legal connotations we may not be able to publish all the data we uncover until after the court cases.

Watch this space for further updates.


Is this another 1.5 million destined for China?

Investment Fund of €1.5m

The LEO’s will have an overall investment fund of €1.5 million.  This fund will be available through the network of 31 Local Enterprise Offices, targeting Investor Ready LEO Clients who wish to start, grow, or develop innovative Micro Enterprises. 

Investor ready for investors to take your business all the way to China to produce your goods there, like the  investors of Dragons Den. No interest in producing the products here in Ireland. There is even offices set up especially in Ireland now to help you trade in China but no office to help local business trade in Ireland. Only astronomical VAT and RATE charges.

All sectors are eligible to apply but priority will be given to new start ups in the following sectors: Software/IT, Digital, Creative and Gaming, Food and Agri, Healthcare and Lifesciences, Traded Services included Fintech, Environmental and Cleantech

Isn’t that a discriminatory statement to other sectors who want to apply other than: Software/IT, Digital, Creative and Gaming, Food and Agri, Healthcare and Lifesciences, Traded Services included Fintech, Environmental and Cleantech.

Who gives them the right to segregate and discriminate against any sector of trade in Ireland?

The fact remains there is little or no funding or respect for indigenous Irish businesses who want to manufacture and trade locally here in Ireland to produce Irish made products.

We have no funding structure

for businesses trading locally in Ireland


We are Irish people – this our country 

Why are we not helping our local business to produce locally produced
Irish products to sell in Ireland?


Funding – Is it just a big Con?