(Article on the Irish times (Sat, Aug 13, 2016, 01:00)

Irish Times Article- Suggests Undermining Irish Immigration Laws

Wants to give 26.000 Irish jobs and legal status to undocumented

The articles states that:

There are 20,000-26,000 undocumented migrants living in Ireland, with nearly two-thirds aged 25-39, according to the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI).

Those figures since Brexit was announced are probably 50,000 to 1,00,000 would be a much closer estimate, this is  becoming very obvious now to Irish people.

Our country is being invaded.


This article also states:

For years, undocumented migrants have been calling on government to introduce regularisation which would give them the chance to legalise their immigration status and work legally in Ireland.

There are supposedly (50,000 undocumented in America)

America has a population of:
326,474,013 Million50-000 undocumented Irish

Ireland has a population of:
4.7 million – countless undocumented from all over the world

We hear Irish Politicians talking about this so called 50,000 undocumented in America but ask them, “how many undocumented are here in Ireland”? “I don’t know, but I should know”, was the answer from one politician in West Cork. They  haven’t  got a clue how many illegal immigrants are in their own country and they don’t seem to care, they don’t seem to think it is very important.

How are these people supporting themselves undocumented, where are they getting income from?

How could our politicians and immigrant protection agencies be so irresponsible to leave this amount of undocumented people into our country. There is a massive amount of immigrants in our country to date in our 4.7 million population. A large proportion of that 4.7 million is already non indigenous people.

Should we consider prosecuting the politicians in the  government departments responsible for this.

 Irish indigenous people are fast becoming the minority race in our own country.

Some undocumented are born here but the rest are actually  illegal immigrants. If you go into another country and stay in that country illegally you are breaking that country’s immigration laws. You should be prosecuted, it is a crime against that country. Why are illegal immigrants not sent back to their own countries?

Not alone have these people stayed in the country illegally but decided to irresponsibly bring children into this situation while they are illegal in the country. Now they think they have some right to get a passport and be made legal. Why? They have broken the laws of that country, Why would that state want these people in their country? Why should they let them stay. We have immigration laws for a reason but Irish government newspapers don’t seem to think these laws exist, if they do, they have absolutely no regard for them.

If elected politicians and immigration police in a country do not enforce the immigration laws of its country they too are breaking their lawful commitment to honour their country’s legal statutes. They too, should be prosecuted for not upholding those laws, that is their job to enforce the law.

If you go to another country and do not apply, or have grounds for asylum and you out stay your visa in that country, you are breaking the immigration laws in that country. You should be prosecuted like any other crime and deported. There are no if’s or buts to that. You are not entitled to any special treatment.

Irish Nationals don’t seem to be getting any say on any on these government newspaper articles. This article like all other articles that we now read which can only be described as very racially discriminating and bias articles against Irish Nationals laws and statutes.

This particular article is suggesting that the Irish immigration laws in Ireland don’t matter and we should just hand out passports to anyone that wants to break the law, just arrive and stay here. That is just what has been happening, we have a massive amount of immigrants, far too many for our small population, very damaging and frightening for the indigenous people of Ireland. We are being wiped out like the American Indian, a complete invasion.

Should Irish people be now considering taking legal action against these newspaper outlets, politicians and immigration agencies who have not done their jobs to protect our state against people willing to commit a crime by entering and staying in our country illegally.

Why are our  rights as Irish Nationals to protect our indigenous population and culture not being aired by these media outlets.

Please bring home our undocumented, we would love to have ye back.


Irish times article:


I wonder did the writer of this article,  consider when writing this article, the reality of Irish children and Irish adults living in Ireland now having to be treated like shit at times by foreign nationals.

It is a horrible country for Irish people now to have to live in. Force upon us. Why don’t she do an article on that. We will write the article instead. Lets see will the Irish Times publish it.

Irish Times Article- Suggests Undermining Irish Immigration Laws