Is this the biggest fake news documents ever to be published in Ireland?

The Census by the Central Statistics Office. (CSO)

When you read this document you would certainly expect to be reading true facts. Wrong?

In the CSO office in Cork when we inquired “how many Irish people emigrated last year”?

Answer: “I could not tell you that, we only have an estimated figure”. Why an estimated figure?

Every passport is scanned going through airport security and again boarding the plane to coincide with the boarding pass leaving the country. The passports are scanned again on re-entry into the country. Each flight has a record of all its passengers, passport number, age, date of birth, address, email (in most cases) telephone number is recorded.

So why only an estimated figure?

How can you have an estimated figure for such an important part of our Country’s Central Statistics? Doesn’t it make you want to question every other figure in the Census now? That is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to go through the census figures with a fine tooth comb.

Is all the information in the census just an estimate, a useless jumble of figures? What are hundreds of people being paid to do, get mere estimates or real facts?

Printing incorrect figures is actually printing false information which consequently results in the information being broadcast and printed on national, local, and international media, making it fake news.

There is no reason whatsoever that exact figures for emigration of Irish people cannot be recorded and printed in the CENSUS, that is the responsibility of the staff of the CSO,  to provide this information.

We have written to the Airport Authority to ask why they don’t supply the CSO with these exact figures. We await a reply.

We have also written to the CSO office for an explanation.

Is this information being hidden from us on purpose, are all European statistics estimated and manipulated to show false figures?

We estimate that nearly half a million Irish people emigrated from Ireland last year.

But this is only an estimate and it is not based on any facts available to us at the moment. The estimate by the CSO is seemingly not based on any facts either. We will have to wait to see which estimate is closest when we get the real figures.

Watch this space for information updates as they arrive to us………….


Reply from the  Central Statistics Office Cork 15/05/2017.

Thank you for your recent query in relation to migration data.  The CSO publishes migration data on an annual basis and applies the internationally accepted 12 month criteria when classifying migration::

The term Emigration refers to persons resident in Ireland who are leaving with the intention of living abroad for 12 months or more.

The term Immigration refers to persons coming to Ireland from another country for the purpose of taking up residence for 12 months or more.

The passenger numbers collected by the airport authority include persons who travel for many different reasons e.g. holiday makers, business travellers etc.  Therefore it would not be appropriate to record the majority of these persons as migrants.  Therefore, the CSO uses a number of data sources to estimate migration flows.  

The principal source of information for the estimation of the gross annual migration flows is the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS), which also provides the basis for the classification of the flows by sex, age group, origin/destination and nationality.  In order to ascertain migration status, respondents are asked a suite of questions relating to intended length of stay, country of origin etc.

The migration estimates are also compiled with reference to movements in other migration indicators such as the number of Personal Public Service numbers (PPSN) allocated to non-Irish nationals and the number of visas issued to Irish nationals to a number of destinations including Australia, US and Canada.  In addition, data on National Insurance numbers (equivalent to PPSNs) issued to Irish nationals in the UK is referenced.

If you have any additional questions please contact me.

Kind regards
Demography department

We left out the persons name from the CSO for data protection reasons but it is available on request.

Well there it is in black and white for you the emigration figures for Irish people emigrating can’t be calculated properly because they might just be going on holidays or on business.

“It would not be appropriate to record the majority of these persons as migrants
they were only going on holidays, business travellers etc”.

Is that the biggest load of waffle you ever heard in your life. If Irish  people leave Ireland for twelve months or more they are surely not on holidays unless they have a vast amount of cash to support themselves.

All that information in relation to emigration numbers is available but it is not printed on the Census. Why not?

The fact is that the Irish Census cost millions to produce. The readers of the Irish Census have actually no idea of the exact figure of how many Irish people have emigrated from Ireland, last year or any year for the past decades. If this is the method that has been used to collect the data according to the reply from CSO, the emigration figures are only an estimate as well.

Are the  figures for immigration also just an estimated?

Do the CSO not have the actual figure of how many people entered the country?

There has to be legal responsibility for the accuracy of these figures.

We will be coming back to this topic again very soon.

Is the Irish Census – A Fake News Document
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