Irish 18 to 24 year olds     

€100.00 Social Welfare Payments

Is this a criminal offense?

 A generation of our young men and women, who are our best asset, are now being forced to emigrate.

Is this a very sinister act to stop the continuation of our indigenous population by the political establishment in Ireland. Just another part of the cultural genocide now taking place here.

If they are out of the country for over two years, when they come home the are forced to wait two years to qualify for any welfare payments. Some have ended up on the streets on their arrival home because they had no address – no address – no welfare payments.

An Irish elected government cannot at any time in the life of an Irish citizen deny him or her their Irish National Citizens Rights.

This is forced exile

This age group are the people we rely on to continue our indigenous population.

 Could there be a correlation between the high rates of male suicides under the age of twenty five and this demoralising  agenda inflicted upon them when they have no chance of gainful employment? Except some useless underpaid FAS scheme to manipulate the employment figures.

Is this forced exile?