Charlie Flanagan: Order Of Business Statement
Minister for Defense stated in the Dail that there are over 250, 000 applications for citizenship every year processed.

Only a fraction are deported,


Only a fraction are deported.

That means that in the past ten years alone we have admitted 2,500,000 ( 2.5 Million ) people into Ireland. Two and a half million passports given out, excluding the stream of uncontrolled illegal immigrants into a population of what began at about 3.5 Million indigenous Irish people when we joined Europe. This is not including asylum seekers.

This has brought on mass Emigration of our young people out of the country.

Eamon Ryan:
Leader of the Green Party stood up in the Dail and stated that we are getting ready to take in more asylum seekers and he is expecting to increase our population

to over 10 million.

Which in essence would mean the end of Irish people as a free nation of people and culture.

Politicians, now state openly that we the Irish people will be a minority in Ireland in a few short years and our government have no problem with that. These are the people we elected and trusted our country and lives to.

Who are these people?

Is this Treason under our constitution?

Mass Immigration: what is it?