One of the most shocking things for an Irish person to witness in Ireland today, is to walk into businesses in our own country and see no Irish person or the majority of employees in the business, non Irish.

The following video is me being barred out of the Gresham Metropole Hotel in MacCurtain Street Cork, this was in 2014.  I attended a meeting re: Irish Water when Kenny & Co were trying to sell us our own water.

As I walked around the hotel I noticed there wasn’t one Irish person employed in the Hotel.

I asked the manager why was this?

Watch the video below to see what happened next.

This hotel group in 2014 were part of the The Fair Hotels, fair to who?

They failed to respond to any complaint that followed, and by doing so they, actually endorsed his actions.

I couldn’t get legal representation to take the matter to court. An Irish solicitor is now looking into the facts of the case.


The matter was brought to the immigration Cops in Ireland: They issued their own form of abuse in response to me on the phone.


Consider the audacity of a manager from another country to come into Ireland, he is given a job and thinks for one minute that this is acceptable, to employ all foreign workers and not one Irish worker: Well it isn’t acceptable.

And when it is brought to his attention he barrs the Irish person for asking about it.

Why would any country want people like
that manager getting work here?


But we have had to deal with this discrimination for years world wide, it has been well documented “NO IRISH NEED APPLY“, We are not going to put up with it here in Ireland from the Irish or anyone else any longer.

When tourists arrive in our country I’m sure they expect to see Irish people, experience our music, and culture, but instead they sometimes find no Irish people working on ferries or on trains, buses, airports, hotels, shops, restaurants and so on and all foreign music being played on radios and background systems. I have traveled around the planet and I can tell you, this would not be tolerated, in any other country.

We are not prepared to be treated disrespectfully anymore. We should never have let it get this far in the first place. We thought the politicians we elected to protect us were doing their job for us, but we were sadly mistaken. We are building our own legal structure to protect our Irish workers rights.

Firstly, we have the right to work in this country, well at least we did have the right to work before we joined Europe.

Its time for us to get out of the Euro stranglehold which has inflicted this gross disrespect on us.

Stop this disrespect in the work place.

Were you discriminated against if the job you applied for was given to a foreign worker instead of you? That is the question you need to ask employers in Ireland now. Why did they give the job to a foreign worker  before you? Why were you not given the job? There is no equal workers rights if you walk into a business in Ireland and most or all the staff are non Irish, this practice is not acceptable.

How many foreign workers are working in Ireland today and how many Irish people find themselves on FAS courses (or whatever they are called now), as a result? 10,000 homeless; Austerity Millionaire Politicians.

Sean (John) Treacy