One of the most shocking things for an Irish person to witness in Ireland today, is to walk into businesses in our own country and see no Irish person or the majority of employees in the business, non Irish.

The following video is me being barred out of the Gresham Metropole Hotel in MacCurtain Street Cork, this was in 2014.  I attended a meeting re: Irish Water when Kenny & Co were trying to sell off our water.

As I walked around the hotel I noticed there wasn’t one Irish person employed in the Hotel. I asked the manager why was this,  and this was what happened next.



This hotel group are part of the The Fair Hotels, fair to who? Consider the audacity of a manager from another country to come into Ireland, he is given a job and thinks for one minute that this is acceptable, to employ all foreign workers and not one Irish worker, well it isn’t acceptable. And when it is brought to his attention he barrs the person for asking about it. Why would any country want people like that manager getting work here.

A letter of complaint was sent to the hotel, the matter was brought to the immigration Cops in Ireland who issued their own form of abuse in response to me.  Not one Irish solicitor I spoke to would deal with it and not one Irish or Euro politician would even respond. Afraid of being condemned by the awful R word to take way their voice, which in fact it has. This guy was no lover of Irish people.

If  a foreign national here had a discrimination complaint, all of the affore mentioned would be acting on their behalf, no problem. The solicitors to help them would probably be supplied to them by the Irish government through some immigration agency.

It’s seems to be quite acceptable to be racist against Irish people in Ireland up to this point.  Even our own ignorant morons are at it now calling each other racist. But we have had to deal with this discrimination for years world wide we are not going to put up with it here in Ireland from the Irish or anyone else.  We have had enough or this unfair racial treatment.

Call an Irish person Racist now in Ireland and you could find yourself in court.

We are Pro Irish people and if you are not Pro Irish you are probably Anti Irish.

If you don’t like the way we do things here there are boats and planes leaving Ireland every day, feel welcome to get back on them and go back to where you came from. And take the army of Irish – anti Irish back with you, see how you treat them in your country. But don’t be coming here insulting us and treating us or our workers with disrespect.

When tourists arrive in our country I’m sure they expect to see Irish people, experience our music, and culture, but instead they sometimes find no Irish people working on ferries or in airports, hotels, shops, restaurants and so on and all foreign music being played on radios and background systems. I have traveled around the planet and I can tell you this would not be tolerated in any other country.


We are not prepared to be treated disrespectfully anymore. We should never have let it get this far in the first place. We thought the politicians we elected to protect us were doing their job for us, but we were sadly mistaken. We are building our own legal structure to protect our Irish workers rights.

We are starting to survey businesses and if they are engaged in this racial discrimination against Irish workers we will be asking people to boycott their businesses and may consider legal action against these businesses for discriminatory employment practices, against Irish workers.

Firstly, we have the right to work in this country, well at least we did have the right to work before we joined Europe. If your are employing foreign workers before Irish workers, we want to know why, you may consider your reasoning.

We will certainly be putting these discriminatory employment practices on trip advisor websites, in fact we are considering an Irish travel website to ensure our workers are not being discriminated against. To ensure our visitors will be able to enjoy local people, our music and culture when they visit our country.

This is our country, if you are a foreign national and you want to trade or work in Ireland, please do so with respect for Irish people, our workers, our music and our culture.

Its time for us to get out of the Euro stranglehold which has inflicted this gross disrespect on us.

Stop this disrespect in the work place.

Don’t be afraid to say this to managers or owners in businesses in Ireland. It is complete racial discrimination and insulting to Irish people for these business owners to be employing no Irish people in their premises unless it is is some specific type of business that requires it. You are not a racist you are a Pro Irish person in your own country, firstly you have the right to work in Ireland in proper working conditions.

Sean (John) Treacy –  Pro Irish – Group Member