No Longer cool to be a Nationalist.

Isn’t this amazing all the large political parties in Ireland have their background in Nationalism but it is now no longer cool to be a Nationalist according to all the news reports on TV and the Internet.

No more Nationalism. 

Europe doesn’t want to hear about it.

While all the politicians spent years becoming the Austerity Millionaires from their nationalist background in Ireland and other countries, are they now to turn their back on their history as if nothing happened?  One of Europe’s main goals seems to be, to wipe out all National Cultures within Europe. To destroy the cultural identities of individuals and their historic backgrounds.

Angela Merkel would be trying to wipe out and hide the German past as well. Lost two World Wars and then decided to buy Europe and took it over without firing one shot.

But you can’t buy something unless someone is prepared to sell it.

All is forgiven now Angela, it was only millions of deaths all over the world. Haven’t people got very short memories. Where are we heading with Germany at the head of Europe? World War 3 maybe, Germany had only one goal ever in their minds in World War 1 and World War 2, to take over and rule the world. Has history taught us nothing?

Is that still the goal and all the other European countries being used as pawns on the German Chess Board until Germany are ready to put the world to war again? Destroy all the individual cultures within Europe and mould them into the German regime. Is that what this Europe is all about, no more nationalism.

Doesn’t that look like what is actually happening?

No guns now only financial and emotional terrorism. If you try to object you are bound to be physiologically and emotionally attacked, verbally. They want to make you feel afraid to voice your opinion. You will probably be branded a Racist or Xenophobe, these are the verbal weapons at their disposal to silence you.

But don’t be afraid

You are entitled to your opinion

You are not a Racist or Xenophobe

Uncontrolled mass movement of people can and will destroy Ireland.

The British people saw the writing on the wall and got out

Do you see it, what are you waiting for?


If it is not cool to be a Nationalist anymore

With no love for your country

Is it cool to be just a Traitor instead?

No longer cool to be a Nationalist