The Final Straw

August 2019 in the middle of our tourist season Ireland was publically humiliated, as a Nation by a so called anti-racist campaign ran by the: National Transport Authority (NTA), the Immigrant Council of Ireland, transport operators and Dublin City Council.

The campaign ran on public network buses trains and bill boards nationally. Looking at the images below, would they be more suited to a Black and Muslim Propaganda campaign in another country? They are completely non reflective of our Irish culture.
Is this therefore, a hate campaign being waged against us, the Irish people? The images were designed by a Cypriot Artist; they would never be designed by an Irish Artist.

We can only assume that he was misinformed and misled of the demographics and our globally renowned, famous, Irish welcome.

Billboard Cork

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The campaign was run in the height of the Irish tourist season for maximum impact. Ireland is one of the most hospitable nations on the planet, validated by the vast amount of immigrants we welcomed into our country. This campaign has the potential to do untold damaged to our tourism industry and our national worldwide integrity. It is like a nightmare on wheels recklessly driven by the National Transport Authority.

The figures now available to us as discussed with Minister Shane Ross’s private secretary and in correspondence with the CEO of the NTA, suggest that they unwisely employed workers lacking in English language and communications skills from seventy five foreign countries in preference to employing native Irish workers on our public network.

Even if they could speak English to some degree, what was the cost and extent of the training these foreign staff had to receive to properly adapt culturally to commuters in Ireland? Could their possible inability to communicate properly be reverted back to management as something else as a way to protect their jobs?

So does the culpability for any miscommunications which have obviously been interpreted as racial tension lie solely with the NTA’s policy of hiring people who may not have been able to integrate into the job properly, and with little English in some cases?

As opposed to transferring the blame and shame onto commuters and consequently insulting our whole nation and global reputation, did the multi–agencies (NTA), the Immigrant Council of Ireland, transport operators and Dublin City Council, not look inside their own offices for the real problems?

When asked what figures relating to supposed racism attacks was the campaign based on, no one had any reply. A request was also made for the public minutes of meetings where the campaign was discussed. (no reply) emails have gone silent.

The Minister states it is nothing to do with him “I Know Nothing”. The cost of this national campaign, financially, is very significant, who paid for it? (no reply)

Legal Costs and Apology

So who now is going to cover the legal costs and take responsibility and apologise to our visitors and the Irish nation, to repair the damage of our countries image worldwide?

Isn’t this just another example of the incompetence of our government to put in a board of condescending and self-righteous people who think its acceptable to insult our commuters and our indigenous workforce?

We need to reclaim our own independence to bring back our proud heritage and national spirit.

The Final Straw