The Multi Culture “Myth”

It has been proven worldwide that each culture needs its own space and identity. Multi Culture is somewhat of a myth, you will get a certain amount of integration but in general people of different cultures congregate with each other and with good reason. They understand each others language, music, and culture and for those and other reason are more comfortable with each others company.

Ethnic groups are drawn  to each other like a magnet.  Other ethnic or religious groups may not understand their religious, or cultural background. It is also easier to fit in socially to a familiar ethnic group. Similar ethnic groups can offer support to each other, especially to people away from their own countries. This is a very natural and healthy phenomenon worldwide.

But who has the right to force people to integrate? That is what we feel is happening here. We the Irish people have no say in what is happening in our own country when it comes to immigration? We are being ruled by Europe. We have to protect our indigenous people. We should have a right to say no.

  Should we just lie down and die and die out because of some ruthless European Directive on uncontrolled immigration.

Immigration for any country is a vital part of a country being able to function properly. But uncontrolled immigration causes numerous problems for both people coming into the country and the Indigenous People already living in the country. It can cause hatred and fear, but is that the real purpose of this in Ireland, all over Europe in fact, to cause chaos. To get everyone calling each other racist or xenophobic.

What is the point in having immigration laws if the politicians you elect to ensure these laws are abided by, just completely ignore them, it is a free for all here in Ireland. It is like living in the wild west, no one in control. We are like a ship without a rudder.

How can we treat the people that are here by proper migration purposes or refugees properly and with the respect they deserve. The way we would like to be treated if we emigrated to another country. Out politicians have no idea of what the immigration figures are. The CSO admitted it only has an estimate of figures. It is completely off the wall and unacceptable to us as a Nation.


What is happening in the Direct Provision is absolutely disgraceful.

It is something like what went on in the homes year ago like, Bessboro. If we had our immigration in order here this would not be happening. It should not be allowed to happen. It is a shameful stain on our Government and us as a people to allow it to go on in 2017.

But on the other side of this argument we have Irish people walking into businesses here and not one Irish person working there, this is also shameful.

The Multi Culture “Myth”